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Otradovice 30
Mlada Boleslav, Czech republic
tel.: +420 326 998 111-reception
fax: +420 326 998 135
tel.: +420 326 998 130-formanka
tel.: +420 326 998 131-restaurant
GSM: +420 602 206 626
Katalog ubytování hotely, penziony, Předměřice nad Jizerou - Hlavenec ,motely, pensiony  
Menu restaurant Jizera

80g Beef´s carpaccio made of original raw sirloin with olive oil and spice
Serve on fresh lettuce, shower with scrape parmasan
200g Salad a la crab with oranges, toast/bread 58,-
200g Peach with poultry salad, toast/bread 58,-
120g Ham- roll with horseradish and whipped cream, toast/bread 58,-
100g Brine ermine with onions and paprika,bread 55,-
100g Brine sausages with onions, bread 22,-
100g Head cheese with onions and vinegar, bread 22,-
Hot startes

Wild Bison´s liver baked with Eidam cheese serve on fire rusk
/3 halfslices of rusk+noodles of beefy liver, onion, paprika, additives, baked with cheese/

240g Devil´s rusks with ground turkey meat baked with cheese
/3 slices of bread/rolls/
210g Flamender rusks with gordon sauce and chilli
/3half slices of bred + gordon cheese, amyonnaise, garlic, onions, spices/
150g Sausages baked on black beer, bread/rolls piquant
/the price is 150g of complete dish with sauce,1 sausage /portion with sauce weight 150 g/
100g Meat sausage with mustard and horseradish, bread/rolls
/1 piece of sausage/
100g Hot Franfurkt, mustard, ketchup
/Bread /rolls/ 2 pieces of franfurkt/
100g Boiled pork knee, horseradish, mustard, bread /rolls 28,-
100g Smoked knee, horseradish, mustard, bread/rolls 28,-
100g Smoked beefy tongue with horseradish and mustard, bread/rolls 34,-
The prices of starters and hot starters include portion of bread (it means 75g), c.3pieces to each 100g of starters, or rolls.
100g Salmon baked on fire grate /another 100g – 35 Kč /
Baked in oven or on pan with classical spices, vegetable oil
100g Trout baked on fire grate, serve on imperial vegetables braised on butter
Trout is serve with mix of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots…, another 100g – 35Kč.
100g Trout baked on garlic,serve with hot garlic butter
Smear with garlic and spices, baked in oven or on pan, it is overfill with hot butter and pieces of garlic
100g Trout baked in threeskin, /another 100g – 35Kč/
Trout is precoated in flour, eggs and breadcrumb, baked in vegetable oil
200g Fish from Messolingi – Greek prescription
Pieces of high duality fish unboned – sheatfish, baked with parmasan in piquant sauce made of tomatoes, cukes and capers
150g Fillets made of zander on olive oil with fresh fried champions 129,-
150g Salmon steak serve on liefs of spinage with cream and potato gnocchi
/Another 100g – 35Kč/
200g Angel fish baked on olive oil fancy with lemon and mayonnaise
/white fish taste as crawfish, only with backbone/
450g Tortellinas fill with poultry meat
Baked with mix of vegetables, Dutsch sauce and Eidam cheese
450g Spaghetti Bologna shower with parmasan
Groundmeat,tomatoes,onions, garlic, spices and parmasan
Poultry meat
250g Chicken pieces serve with baked cube of bread
Chicken thigh rested with barbecue spices and colours pepper
450g Fried poultry medaillions in cheese dought
Serve on fresh vegetables salad with ananas and rose dresing (300g), toast
750g Baked chicken wings
Serve on lettuce with barbecue sauce, wafer and bread – it is suitable for 2 person


/Pieces of thigh meat baked on grill/pan.Serve with fresh vegetables, onions and mustard, bread.
150g Poultry noodles by Chinese way
/ Chest meat,geezer, bamboo, scallion, carrot,cole, mushrooms, lined with leafs of fresh lettuce/
150g Poultry chilli noodles – very piquant
/Chest noodles fried with onions, garlic, geezer and chilli – lined with leafs of fresh lettuce
150g Poultry noodles by Thailand´s way soft and aroma!
/Chest noodles fried with pieces of fruit and cuconut milk, spices – lined with rice noodles. It can be creole !
150g Poultry poke Surimi
Chest meat fill with crab meat in scallion wrapping – serve with cream sauce, laminae of garlic
150g Poultry poke Olivie,
/Chest meat fill with leafs of spinage and mozzarella, made of onions, it is serve on soft cream sauce
150g Poultry piece of forester,
/Chest steak baked with mix of ham, bacon, onion, garlic, champions and Eidam cheese, cranberries and whipped cream
150g Poultry piece DIET,
/Piece of chest meat made by natural way with a little of meat sauce/
330g Risotto with poultry meat ,mix of vegetables and cheese
/Risotto is made of quality jasmine or basmati rise 150g, chest meat 60g, mix of vegetable 100g and cheese 30g./
150g Boar cuts with wild rose sauce,
/1-2 pieces of boar meat serve in wild rose sauce –we recommend it with dumplings or potato croquettes/
150g Boar cuts with cranberries sauce,
/1-2 pieces boar meat in sauce with cranberries and red wine – we recommend it with potato croquettes/
150g Fire poucher Říha,
/Boar noodles fried with onions and garlic.By burning way !/
Veal and lamb meat
150g Veal trickster,
/Veal leg – noodles rested with English bacon, onion, scallion, garlic and pork liver/
150g Lamb meat of sailor,
/Lamb meat leg – pieces, baked with leafs of spinage and parmazán, meat sauce/
150g Steak tartar – made of real sirloin,
/All – inclusive,only per order from 15:00 o´c., preparation take 20-30min./
200g Beef steak with eggs,
/Piece of real sirloin baked on pan, fancy with bacon and eggs, medium/
/Piece of real sirloin baked on pan , serve with piquant cream sauce and green pepper, medium/
250g Stewed Steak (broil) Double with English bacon and eggs,
/Serve with fresh vegetables and French mustard/
150g Beef poke - Gourmet,
/Broil fill with mix of poultry liver, English bacon , onions and gordon – blue cheese/
150g Broil MEXICO,
/Pieces of broil with rested beanpod, onions and bacon/


150g Broil of Beery scout,
/ Piece of broil baked with stinky cheese (cake of cheese) and black beer/
500g Roast ribs of warder. Serve on plank and with garnish
/Pork ribs – spicery, baked, fancy, bread/
500g Lukuls roast ribs . Serve on plank and with garnish
/Baked roast ribs relish with spice, honey and black beer, bread - especialy for gourmand !/
750g Smoked ribs of Mr.Director. Serve on plank and with garnish
/Pork smoked and baked ribs – very special prescription, bread/
100g Sheriff´s baked knee
/Pork knee 0,5-1,2 kg, good soaked ,baked and fancy – exklusive portion of meat, bread/
/1-2 pieces of pork neck baked on grill/pan,serve with fresh vegetables, onions and mustard, bread/
150g Pork poke PRAHA,
/Piece of pork roast meat – fill with mix of ham, vegetables, eggs and cheese/
150g Pork medallions Holátko,
/Sirloin made by natural way/
150g Pork medallions Myslivec ,
/Sirloin in meat sauce and ham, bacon, onion, champions and kapar, serve with cranberries/
150g Pork medallions Julia,
Sirloin with orange and worchester sauce.All in caramel sauce ,fancy with whipped cream


150g Pork medallions of godfather Petr,
/Sirloin in sauce with colours pepper – little piquant and with pepper essence /
250g Liver on fire grate with fried onions,tatar sauce
/Pork liver baked on pan, serve with meat sauce/
Potato pancakes, mixtures and other dishes  
400g Venison trickster wrapt in potato pancakes,
/Rested noodles of venison 100g, and poultry livers 30g with a champions, bacon, garlic and onions/
400g Potato pancakes fill with mix of turkey meat serve with krant salad and cheese
/Turkey chest – noodles 100g, bacon, onions, scallion and spices/
450g Potato pancakes fill with mix of pork serve with vegetable garnish
/Pork shoulder – small pieces 150g, champions, onions, garlic, spices/
400g Potato pancakes fill with mix of smoked meat
/Smoked pork meat 100g, onions, garlic, white cole, spices/
200g Meat of three taste and colours
/Beef sirloin 50g, chicken chest 50g, pork liver 100g, made by chinese way with noodles of scallion, onions and roasting almond/
150g Executioner cut very piquant!
/Pork shoulder rested with onions, cucumber, paprika and chilli in tomato puree/
250g Kalimero on the way
/Piece of pork neck and piece of chicken leg meat, baked on grill /pan,serve with fresh vegetables, onions and mustard, bread/
Fried dishes
250g Fried Cauliflower, tartar sauce 65,-
250g Fried broccoli, tartar sauce 77,-
250g Fried champions, tartar sauce 77,-
100g Fried Eidam cheese, tartar sauce 69,-
100g Fried Ermelin, tartar sauce 69,-
120g Fried cottage, tartar sauce 69,-
125g Fried fish filletes, tartar sauce 55,-
200g Fried kalamar, tartar sauce 85,-
150g Fried poultry chest, lemon, cucumber 85,-
150g Fried beef neck, lemon, cucumber 85,-
Vegetable, salads of vegetables
350g Nugets of fried mozzarela with tomatoes and fresh lettuce,light herb dressing,toast or white bread
450g Broccoli in cheese sauce baked with tomatoes and parmasan 79,-
450g Mix of spring vegetables in cheese sauce baked with Eidam cheese
/Carrot, pea and maize /
250g Sugar Maize with ham and cream baked with Eidam cheese 55,-
250g Vegetable mixture with maize made on butter,stewed vegetables 40,-
1 ks Earn corn boiled ,butter 44,-
300g Salad Gold, whole bread
Apple, cheese, lettuce, wallnuts, poultry meat, light dressing
450g Salad Greek,toast/bread
Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, green paprika, olives, white cheese, onions, olive oil, balsamico, spices
450g Salad Tonno,toast,bread
Lettuce, tomatoes, paprika, cucumber, eggs, maize, tuna, balkan cheese, olives, garlic dressing
450g Salad XAVER, toast,bread
Lettuce, tomatoes, paprika, cucumber, maize, fried pieces of poultry meat, rose dressing
250g Šopský salát /paprika,tomatoes,cucumber,lettuce,balkan cheese/ 48,-
200g Tzatziky – greek speciality, cucumber, garlic, oil,yogurt and herbs 56,-
200g Green salads: white, red,dill,horseradish with carrot or mixture 36,-
100g Vegetables garnish /lettuce, white and red cole,cucumber,tomatoes
That vegetables garnish is serve to every minute main dish
150g stewed jasmine/ basmati rice 20,-
200g boiled potatoes 20,-
250g cream potatoes 34,-
250g boiled pastries made of hardcorn wheat 24,-
200g potatoes gnocchi  24,-
150g homemade potatoes pancakes 4 ks 28,-
150g french fries 24,-
150g fried potatoes croquettes 24,-
150g fried potatoes ,,moon´´ with skin 24,-
200g fried potatoes 24,-
200g potato salad 24,-
25g bread /1 half piece/ 1,-
30g fried rusk /1 half piece/ 4,-
15g toast /1 piece/ 2,-
45g toast portion 3 pl. 6,-
1ks roll or buns 3,-
100g Honey cake - portion 1/16 32,-
220g ice cream cup with hot forest product and whipped cream 59,-
220g ice cream cup with mixture of fruit and whipped cream 49,-
180g Mix of fruit with whipped cream /ananas, peaches, grape, cherry../ 55,-
180g strawberry with whipped cream 55,-
3 ks Pancakes with jam and sugar 45,-
1 ks Pancakes with ice cream,mix of fruit and whipped cream 55,-
4 ks Flipper with cinnamon and sugar 32,-
4 ks Flipper with bilberries and whipped cream 44,-
1 ks Banana in chocolate with whipped cream 40,-
1 ks Banana in chocolate with ice cream and whipped cream 50,-
1 ks Peach in chocolate with whipped cream 40,-
60g whipped cream portion extra 15,-
80g portion of ice cream 9,-
10g Glaze – fancy , according to offer 5,-
Sauces and other smallnest
70g ketchup 10,-
70g tatar sauce 13,-
70g cold sauces and dressings – according to daily offer 17,-
70g pepeer sauce (hot cream with green pepper) 15,-
30g horseradish fresh or sterilized 9,-
20g mustard 4,-
50g sterilized cucumber 5,-
30g lemon 3,-
25g butter / jam / honey 5,-
10g herb butter 6,-
40g olives, acording to daily offer 12,-
20g chilli 10,-
30g onions – white ,cut 3,-
30g onion – red ,cut 6,-
1 ks eggs / cranberries 8,-
1 ks boiled egg 6,-
50g portion of Eidam cheese 15,-
20g portion of parmasan cheese 15,-
  big aluminious plate 20,-
  small aluminious plate 15,-
  big salad cup 10,-
  small salad cup 5,-
  big pot 3,-
  small pot 2,-
  thermo box 15,-

Menu card and the prices made Vratislav Čeněk.

Have a good appetite and thanks for your visit director JUDr. Petr Čeněk.  
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